Moving Out

Moving out for the first time is no less than a milestone to achieve that brings drastic changes in our lifestyle.It is not until we actually move out that we come to realise how it’s so much more than just switching up a living space. Moving out is about living an entirely different life, all over again.

It was college,
college decided to take me out
of the house, hometown;
the comfort zone.

Before leaving,
I did all the
Before I leave‘ things
we do to fill my pitcher
of memories to the brim.
But in the nights
it would hit me crazy-
the fear of leaving it all behind,
the fear of adulting
and the great of all- the fear of change.

With the overflowing tank of tears,
I diverged from the road of familiarity,
supportive street lights and lamp posts
to be on my own
and differentiate
the path of
sunflowers from thorns.

The journey began
and I felt like a lifeless leaf
cut off from the plant,
sap being sucked out
by the Sun that shone too bright.
The summer of ’19 and new everything
shook me so much that
sweat and tears flowed down
and could not be told apart.

Then the rains came,
and some flowers bloomed,
like me, with me.
They were dressed in
blue and pink
and all the colours
my mind could process.
we even exchange colours,
wear accessories
and click pictures
in the beautiful garden; the college,
where we’re all planted

But this world
is a desert of challenges
running on the money that gets
spent too soon
and is a constant reminder
of how I have to be my favorite companion,
learn to spend time with myself,
appreciate my own company
and thrive for myself,
on my own.

There are moments when
I wear emotions on my sleeve;
cry, laugh and crave, for home.
I sit with myself in darkness
and trace my journey
in this tornado
I call life.
All its layers
house the turbulences
that inspire me to explore,
empower me to make choices,
push me to the core
and then,
they turn into mirrors;
reflecting onto me
the bittersweet process
of how suddenly,
I grew up a little.


The feminine gender in itself very palatable and appealing. However, my close affinity to the adolescent stage stands potent, as I’m in the same line. The evolution is simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. That explains everything!

Wavy hair dancing in the prickles of air, inquisitive eyes trying to assimilate all the tete-a-tete, an overstating pout revering the camera. Call it the plot of a dreamy bestseller or the elements of a blockbuster fairytale, these deft details certainly swathe us in the wonder world of magnificence – WOMEN. Innocence, grace and panache thrives in them;just like scorpions in Sahara. 

Their condescending and eager voices from the shady and cool corner overshadows the energy of the footballers reigning over the playground. Seeing their fancies, crushes and temperaments change over time probably tells the best about their perspicacityof vigor and freshness.  Apparently, only clothing and make-up enthralls and enraptures them at every age. 

Yes, they’re wonderful. But not too wonderful to be sans flaws. They’re packed with sarcasm, vexation and pussiance;with random outbursts being totally obnoxious. If you look at how indefensible their bargaining and wangling skills are, you’ll be rapt to say that they’re GIRL BOSSES. 

But, CAGED GIRL BOSSES. The tomboy, that clingy kind, the sensitive boo, that beautiful maiden and the impulsive type.  Aren’t these the labels they’re often put into? There are myriads of versions to all of them ;every girl has a clandestine mermaid, tigress and a squirrel in herself. It is only the trepidation of being mocked, that keeps the mermaid in the sack. But, if that frisky spark comes up, imagine how the smiles would change, how the tread would become poised and the words eternal. 

Let your actions determine your portrayal. Don’t let your portrayal do that.