Abstract: Speech is God’s best and worst gift to mankind. While it represents our strength against evil and empowers us to fight for our rights, it sometimes endangers humans relationships- causing hearts to burn and sink. Sometimes, it is just silence that wins you the battle.

A weapon
tongue and the like,
invigorates you; empowers you in the crowd.
You are worshipped
for they can’t triumph
in your sickening game
of loud words
and mockery.

But it seems,
you’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame
for you still evade me,
convulse in my presence
and crumble.

I sit in the girl’s eyes.
My charisma showing
in her balmy pose.
I fight you with all my might ;
letting you uncoil,
aching your transient mastery.

like a master of bluff
I throw my trump card
and swallowing
every inch of you.
Rendering you voiceless
I kick you into blackness
and seize your existence.

Your demonic laughs and immoral references
corrupted the girl.
You broke her.
like a goddess of patience,
she took me in
for she knew
a game of harsh words
produces no winner ;
only two losers.
Now, she is my woman
the woman of SILENCE.